on line finance options

Mark Rask

How much should we push the online credit apps on our websites?

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Are you thinking about pushing credit apps on your Hyundai store website or a separate website? By pushing, do you mean invest in advertising or simply website real estate? Are you looking to generate more leads for finance?

Chris K Leslie

We use it a lot in our follow up and it's nice being able to send someone a link to get started on our website. If you just want to push it through ads you could always give away something for completing it online. 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

^^ Great use of smart remarketing! 

Mark Rask

The thought of using it in follow up is a good idea 

Marie Nies

It's a good way to be more productive and it doesn't hurt anything. When it comes to time spent in the dealership they appreciate the time saved by doing so. 

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