On spot Insurance for Used car dealership

Matteo Batelli

Hello folks,

Do you guys provide insurance services for your customers who dont have an insurance ? If yes, what platform or company do you use ?


Chris K Leslie

This is something I've really been thinking about doing. If nothing else, possibly walking someone through an online GEICO quote is super simple. 

jay simson

I have a deal with a local (friend) agent. 

i either call/text him the info he needs for the quote. He sends me back the quote +$50 

so if the quote was $150 he adds on $50 and sends the quote as $200 down and xxx a month.


the $50 comes to me as my commission. so i make money when referring the customer to him, also i close my deal because customer gets insurance. 


in most cases the customers 99% of the time take the deal as they want to car obviously. ive only had one kick me back on the quote. I tried to "requote" and drop the $50 and he still wouldnt budge. 

so thats how i been doing mine. Every deal is an Extra $50 for a phonecall. 

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