Out of state sales with trade

Tony Montana
Hello, new to the forum. I work for a parts manufacturer and do cost cutting. I'm a pretty informed customer and like to get good deals but never had I purchased a car out of state with a trade in. How is the trade in handled and the negotiations on the car? I don't want to hear 14k for my trade on the phone and then when I get there 8k and they don't budge on the price of the car. So far I was offered 12k sight unseen and 13k seen from a local dealer , MMRs range is at 12 to 14.5, my car does have an accident but it is ridiculously well maintained. Unfortunately the local dealer does not have the car I want or have aggressive banks for financing(my credit sucks). Should I secure financing through the dealership first? Seems like I'm at the mercy of the dealership. I have no problem lettering the dealer make some money, but on the other end I don't want to be too low balled on my trade. There should be a good medium between me and the dealer where we are both comfortable. Also any advice with someone with a discharged bk and low score on getting atleast a prime loan? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Lauren Moses
Coming from F&I side, I would say wait on financing until you know for sure that they can get the vehicle that you want. When we get financing for someone it is on one specific vehicle. I wouldn't even fill out a credit app until you know for sure you are ready to sign on the dotted line. As for going across state line, I don't really know there. Maybe if you have another dealer around you even if they don't have what you want, just see what they would give you for your trade in so you can gauge how the one you already went to is giving you a good price. As for your credit, if you have disputed something within the last little bit, it takes up to 60 days for it to show up on your credit report. So if you had some minor charges that you took care of last week, they wont show and will still count against you. MONEY TALKS>>>> with that being said, the more money you have down the better. $200 down is better than nothing. Though it might not even be enough for one payment if they atleast see that you are willing to put something down it can help. But like I said earlier. DO NOT Fill out a credit app until you have settled on all numbers and are ready to sign on the dotted line
Vincent R
Out of curiosity, what kind of car do you want to trade in and what car are you looking for?
Tony Montana
Thank you Lauren for the detailed reply. Trading in a 128i for a 2006 M3.
Lauren Moses
Tony, No Problem.
Megan Barto
Tony - first & foremost - welcome! Second - offer to send the dealership pictures of your trade in so you can "firm up" the trade-in value. On financing - if you use a local credit union, talk to them - sometimes Credit Union are more helpful approving their members then a big bank.

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