Potential Tariffs From Trump Increase Car Prices?

Sherri Riggs

It's not secret that Donald Trump wants to push through a 20%-25% tariff/tax on auto imports. Many research outlets say that would raise the price of cars, and hurt the auto industry... including much lower sales from dealerships.

Are you worried about the tariffs? What is your opinion on the matter?

Mark Rask

Wow this could be huge.....I wonder what nada is doing about this?

In the end, regardless of what happens, dealers and people will adapt and overcome. Those that do not, lose. I'm sure dealers could see something like this coming at some point. 

Mark Rask

All of us should make sure that we are voicing our opinions to our local legislature 

Mark, do you think it will do any good? ;-)

Joe Tareen

It's not the tariffs, but the impending inflation that causes me worries. Politicians have always use tariffs to mask their allowing of reckless printing of the dollar for the past decade. This is a deeper issue and dealers need to start reassessing their business models now while the times are good. That's the most prudent thing to do.

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