Pre-Paid Maintenance

Shawn Ryder
How many dealers here offer Pre-Paid Maintenance to their customers in F&I or from the service department? If so, what percentage of customers choose to do a pre-paid package?
Christine Tyrrell
With the right value to the customer, our dealers average about 40% penetration.
Shawn Ryder
Thanks for the reply - what percentage of those customers use the plan for the entire lifespan? Any thoughts?
Christine Tyrrell
Roughly 70%
Patrick Halleen
With our prepaid maintenance we give a $1000 discount off next purchase, it is a great incentive and really helps sell the maintenance package and retain a repeat customer. With most of our new car sales being at invoice anyways it doesn't change much but adds a ton of value to the customer. Quick glance at this months report, we are at 51% maintenance penetration for october

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