Quick Sales Survey

Kevin Bookbinder
Rank in order of importance for making a sale Competitiveness Responsiveness Professionalism
Hunter Swift
Responsiveness Professionalism Competitiveness
Bart Wilson
I agree with Hunter: Responsiveness Professionalism Competitiveness
Kevin Bookbinder
Thanks for the response; I disagree with responsiveness and here's why IF I RESPONDED QUICKLY IT WOODNT MADDER IF I SPELT CORRECTLY OR YELLED IN CAPS.... I agree that competitiveness is the bottom but I think a well assembled professional response will obliterate a fast and lacking response. thoughts?
Hunter Swift
Well this is how I came to my choice. Responsiveness. If in regards to sales, the first person to respond usually has the best opportunity. If they don't and delay their response you are only losing out. (like all the people who still haven't responded to this poll). Once you respond, its important that you are professional. Answer all you questions. Able to treat them respect, etc. Then once you have establish the trust (professionalism), then it is time to be competitive.
Kevin Bookbinder
Hunter, I appreciate the humorous response; I imagine if there were more of it on forums like Jared's there would be greater participation. Not to go off topic...... but I am perplexed by the sporadic levels of activity on automotive forums like this or Jeff's, David's, Ralph's, et al. I would think in this day and age with the wholesale changes coming down the automotive pipeline this place would be hopping.... perhaps we should co-author an analysis. Back on point; I don't disagree with your structure; I've spoken with Bart in the past and always appreciate his point of view as well. Yes responsiveness is extremely important but in all honesty I don't find it to be any more or less important than the other two contenders. I think that being the best at two will continuously fail as it really takes all three to be consistently successful. The working structure of professionalism, responsiveness and competitiveness has to be a flatline. At least if you desire a consistent paycheck. Back off the topic- To start this potential collaborative project; what's your opinion on the general lack of dealership personel engaging on the various sites and there mix of discussion topics, engagement, source (vendor/dealer) (insider?/outsider?) and activity as well as what it means in the terms of fruitful collaboration and subsequent dissemination of knowledge-

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