Eley Duke III
We are a Chevy, Buick, GMC, Cadillac dealer doing about 60 new and used a month (50/50) trying to figure out a good compensation plan that will work for new and used. The problem is, and if you’re a GM dealer you’ll know what I mean, that GM has preferred pricing, so anyone belonging to a credit union, a supplier, or if you can close your left eye, touch your right ear while jumping on your left leg you qualify for “preferred pricing”. About 80% of our new deals are minimum deals due to this pricing structure dictated by GM. We still want to “gross”! Currently we pay $150 mini, 25% gross, and have an 11 unit bonus. We have an aggressive F&I plan paying our 5%, 8%, and 10% for certain F&I generated income levels. That’s about it, and its nice and simple. YET, we want to promote performance, and move the needle up with sales yet without complicating compensation, and attract some younger sales people to the mix before we become the dealership where the old guys go to die! I am trying to not cause a mutiny, but we need to get people performing and selling more, under the GM SFE program we can make some money with unit sales, and we want that. Also, I have a dealer in the area offering 4 weeks paid vacation, what is everyone doing for vacation? Please share your compensation plans, and what you are doing to attract the “younger” and motivated generation! Thanks, Eley
Larry Bruce
Eley I am happy to help but I will need to know a littel more to see waht might make sense you can give me a call at 281.455.3811 I will see what I can do. Larry Bruce
Bart Wilson
I am a big fan of volume objective bonuses. I say you had an 11 car bonus, but maybe you ramp that up a little bit to reward your high performing dealers.
Bryan Armstrong
Also throw a bonus in for CSI/Surveys. Never hurts and if all are "mini"s on New you want to ensure that quality delivery.

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