Selling Insurance in F&I

Chris K Leslie

DealerPolicy's New FastPass™ Solution Delivers Multiple Real-Time Auto Insurance Quotes to Car Buyers for Instant Access to Potential Savings

Access to multiple insurance quotes and instant enrollment can save buyers money, which allows them to reinvest in the car purchase.

Does this sound like something your store would offer?

Morgan Hardy

We actually have an in house insurance rep but I did watch the video that @Christian did about DealerPolicy and I think it's a great idea! From what it sounds like, there is no cost to the dealer, right?

Jason Volny

@Chris I don't know why a dealer would not offer it. For ages, salespeople used MPG or repair costs to help consumers justify a purchase and a higher payment. Why not insurance savings? If you properly set it up, it's a great F&I product opportunity as well. 

Chris K Leslie

I agree Jason, If we can make money from it why not do it. 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- if there's no money to be made, do your salespeople help customers with this process? 

Morgan Hardy

@Jason- I agree! 

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