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Michael Vincent
I didn't see anything on here to Rate our service contract providers so i thought id post here. I was hoping to get some feedback from other dealers on both ends of selling and processing claims. Right now we are selling Warranty Solutions (wells fargo) service contracts and we are very happy with them, no issues to report. My sales Manager has been trying to get me to also add AUL ( as an option for our guys to sell when Warranty Solutions is too expensive or for the few vehicles they don't cover like Lifted Trucks. Do you guys have any feedback on AUL while I start doing my own research on them. I'm mostly concerned about them paying their claims and customer service. Last thing I want is our customer to get screwed over so we could make a few extra bucks on a warranty. I rather make a few dollars less and keep that customer for life!
mark rask
We underwrite our own company
Tim Nester
Michael, I also would like to see Vendor Rating for Service Contract Providers. I would enjoy the opportunity to use the rating when discussing potential accounts. I wish i could help you with your concern directly with experiences with AUL, I have not directly experienced claims and/or customer service. I do see them heavily in the marketplace but that is not a gauge on customer satisfaction. Hopefully. this discussion with result in a usable rating system for Sales and Service experience. Tim Nester
Michael Vincent
Hey Tim I agree. I would love to see reviews for every aspect of what we sell, use etc. The data and info we have the better we are. I did get 3 private messages on here from members who have had experience selling AUL service contracts and all 3 said don't use it and had bad experiences. Also i was thinking it would be great if we could leverage our powers together on this website make group purchases and get group discounts like they do on car forums and other websites. Example, if we can get 25 dealers to all go in on the same order we can all get a 25% discount on things we need like F&I forms, website or social media services etc.
Robert Karbaum
These are all very interesting ideas. Hmm. Will have to ponder. Especially from Mr. Vincent.
Christopher Murray
Michael, by far, in every way that I can measure, Zurich is the best product on the market! I have been doing this for over 30 years and I have nothing more to add.

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