Sub Prime Leads.... Are you buying them?

Evan Brown
We've recently started to look at re allocating some of our marketing budget on sub prime leads. We already spend around $2,000 to $3,000 per month on marketing our sub prime department via radio and driving traffic to our own credit apps but we we're wondering if we would have more success putting that money into leads. Any advice you can share would be great!
Lauren Moses
Evan, How many of your sub prime leads that you are currently getting actually purchase?
Evan Brown
Lauren we close at around 65% which is great but we probably only have 20 apps come through the sub prime office a month.
Shawn Ryder
What sources do you use to gain those traffic leads?
Lauren Moses
That is a good number, on the ones that don't purchase, what are the reasons? Not enough down, credit is WAY sub prime or non existent?
Evan Brown
Shawn, we gain that traffic through banner ads on Kijiji and a good CTR from Facebook. But to be honest most credit apps are filled out because we can't get them done prime or the customer knows they have bad credit when they come in the store. Lauren, there are many variables obviously with sub prime but we yes those customers have non existent credit or no income... etc.

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