Taking the Mystery out of Successful Automotive Recruiting

Ernie Kasprowicz
In this post I will answer two very important questions… Question #1: How do dealership personnel initiate and complete the hiring process? Question #2: What are the processes that need to be implemented?
Ernie Kasprowicz
In this post I will answer two very important questions… Question #1: How do dealership personnel initiate and complete the hiring process? Question #2: What are the processes that need to be implemented? If you’re looking for a specific path in which to follow when it comes to finding the right automotive sales people for your dealership, then make sure you pay close attention and I will share with you the inside secrets of how to do just that. First, take the time to research the available help wanted advertising sources, whether it is radio, television, newsprint or online, including social media and determine which is producing the most response of qualified applicants. You will need to find out which day or days are best to advertise for each source and what “size” of a campaign is needed. It is very powerful to “link” your advertising to increase exposure. Knowing where the best candidates search for employment and reaching those applicants is a key component to hiring the right sales force. Once advertising resources have been identified, effective advertising copy needs to be created that not only catches prospective applicants attention, but more importantly motivates them to respond and apply for your opportunity/need. Managing applicant response in an immediate fashion to schedule an interview is an important aspect and should not be overlooked. An on-time, professional interview with each applicant leaves a positive and lasting impression and will help sell your dealership. Keep in mind, that not only are you interviewing for prospective sales people, they are interviewing you as well. Present yourself and your dealership accordingly. Prepare your new hires thoroughly by reviewing your expectations and sales process from beginning to end. It is best if you can devote a few days time with as little interruption as possible to the steps of a sale, including completing sales paperwork. Discuss the daily activities of a salesperson and teach how to develop their own clients through networking. Daily “one on ones” will prove a valuable tool to inspect what you expect. Following these steps will help create a better overall return for your salesperson recruiting efforts. Yes, a great deal of time is required in order to be successful and arguably time is money. However, there is truth to the expression “all good things in time.” Isn’t it time to improve your hiring process? What are you doing to improve your hiring process?
David Hoier
Ahmen Ernie, "time is money" but time well invested will double the return.
David Johnson
Great piece Ernie, really gets one thinking, that's for sure! Too often we hire just to fill a spot without really taking the time to hire correctly. Do you think its best to have a hiring plan that you use each time or is it better to research and update each time you hire?
Rob Hagen
Well said Ernie, the one thing I would add is for dealers to look at what they are offering. With unemployment still high across most of the country, the opportunity to hire people from other industries is at an all time high.
Craig Lockerd
Great insight Ernie,I happen to be in Vegas this week training new Recruiter/Trainers for AutoMax and during the day I ask why dealers use a vendor or company like AutoMax to handle what you are discussing here....number 1 answer among these 6 people straight out of dealerships,......No time, to busy,not my job,not a priority.One told a story of how they would run ads,do everything until the person came in...he shared that at one store the other managers would bet how long an applicant would wait to get interviewed before they would leave.....that "recruiting attitude" must change!

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