Thinking of a Major Vendor Swap

Jon Hyde
I am thinking of consolidating to VIN Solutions, mainly for the purpose of a better CRM and a more "turn key" product. DMS: Autosoft CRM/ILM: ASI's CRM/ILM (Traffic Cop) Inv. Mgnt: Dlr Specialties Website: The only think that I am worried about is VIN Solutions website product in comparision to Can anyone give any feedback?
Justin Duff
How about VIN for the ILM / CRM and Dealer HD for your website and mobile marketing?
Mike Fitzpatrick
Jon, From my experience most dealers unfortunately don't have the ability to get everything out of there website or crm tools. I am not sure if this applies to you or not, but my recommendation would be to step back and ask yourself if your dealership is using what you have to it's fullest potential before looking to make any switch. The most important integration is the integration between your personnel and the tools, not the integration of the tools themselves. Although good work flow potential within these software systems can save time it still takes some elbow grease from everyone at the dealership to sell more cars... and it isn't going to happen overnight. As a competitor to both VIN and and my knowledge of both of their systems and companies you will probably do well with either. If as I said above you learn and use the tools as they were designed and get complete dealer buy in. P.S. If you where just looking for a website and Internet marketing plan I of course would have to say that DealerTrend would be the best choice :). Good luck!
Bill Simmons
I am a big fan of the VinSolutions CRM sysytem. I love that I was able to get rid of other duplicate programs and work everything through Vinsolutions. I no longer need to pay Homenet to host my inventory, pay NADA for a bookout appraisal tool, etc. They have a market pricing tool built into the program very similar to the vAuto program. It does not have all of the tools that vAuto has i.e. stocking tool, auction inventory availability, but allows you to search your market for competively priced vehicles. I agree with Mike that it still boils down to people and processes. But when your people dont have to bounce between so many different software programs and tools to work a deal, I feel it certainly helps to have a tool like Vin.
Bryan Armstrong
I consolidated everything to VinSolutions years ago and have never regretted it. If you would have asked me even 4 mos. ago I would have said leave the site up and run a second site. However, now with VinLens and the integration it gives you would be selling yourself short. Granted, Vin sites aren't as "pretty" but they convert! You won't miss anything. My Vin site kicks the crap out of my TKCarsite and I pay for their vaunted "Power of 5" SEO. If some numbskull hadnt signed a long term contract we'd be down to just Vin as well. Good Luck!
James Levenson
The CRM of Ecarlist is just as good as Vinsolutions and has all the tools of vAuto. Ecarlist also has gone mobile so you can manage from your phone.

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