Time to switch so is it ADP or Dealer Track

Eley Duke III
Mike, we were with Reynolds for years until Jan 2009 and switched to ACS, went from $16K a month to $1,500 a month and saw no hiccups. Its been a great relationship however they are extremely limited in integration as well. I have spent a few months off and on looking at DMS solutions, we decided Dealer Track was our best option, and it was about $400 more than what we are paying now but with so many more advantages. We are one rooftop, so I am not sure the pricing on multiple, however they go by users on the system. They integrate bi-directional with a bunch of solutions, and the majority are live integration, this was a big win for us. The reporting is fantastic and very easy to use. I would highly suggest looking at it. Now with that said, we do not go live till May, however I have spoke with several dealers on it and they all like it. Sure they have some gripes but nothing is going to be perfect. Thats just my $0.02 - hope it helps you...
Jason Enders
Mike Sounds all too familiar to me. We have a Ford, Chevy and Mitsubishi store, along with 3 satellite used vehicle lots. We were with ADP since the late 90's as well. In June of 2011, we made this switch from ADP to DealerTrack...and what a blessing it has been! Our monthly bills have gone down by 80%...that's right, I said 80%! It is real time information, no waiting, no overnight, instant information! There is no comparison in customer service either. I really feel like a partner wwith DealerTrack vs. a piece of meat with ADP. Let's not forget to talk about NO CONTRACT with DealerTrack. They have to prove themselves to us each and every month, just as we have to prove ourselves to our customers! No 5 year committment...c'mon, 5 years? Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! Monday's use to be a marathon for our office. Nobody bother the office staff until they have booked and finalized the deals...they should be done by 2:00pm or so, right. Now they are done by the time I get in to the store in the morning! The web based system allows you to work from anywhere, drill down to the exact information you are in search of and the reports that you can customize, create and automoate are a lifesaver! With the click of my mouse, I can get a real time view of # of RO's opened/closed today, hours per RO, ELR and more! The salesperson analysis report, has allowed our managers to check on their sales comp on individual sales reps. Same with the techs and advisors! The dealerTrack reps told us that the install will go much smoother if you take the time to prepare...and they were right! It was easier than I imagined it would be to make the switch. Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from making a great decision and switch to DealerTrack today Mike...you will not be sorry. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, I would love to help. Jason E. VP, General Manager Braeger Auto Group Milwaukee, WI jenders@braeger.com
Mike Fitzgerald
Ely and Jason, Thanks for your thoughts on this; it’s really helpful to hear some real impressions for actual users. All too often the only people we get to speak with when researching a new product are the carefully chosen customers by our potential vendors. While I am sure they are some real world examples I often feel they are sometimes nothing more than a shill for the vendor. I have sat through demos and presentations of both ADP and Dealer Track. If I had to choose now between the three choices I have mentioned I’m not sure I could. Too be fair I feel the demos have blurred together since they have been weeks or so apart. In my dealing with the ADP rep and in looking over the contract one of our sister stores just signed with ADP I get the same feeling of big company/strong arm like I do with Rey Rey. ADP still feels like the old school tactics I recall from when we inherited them from a store we bought several years ago. Completely unwilling to bend or move out of their predetermined position. Dealer Track on the other hand feels very simple and clean. Less cumbersome and less "manipulative" in their dealings. I like their product and feel their direction and recent acquisitions are in line with a company that wants to grow and become a force for their dealers. With that being said I can’t shake the fact that they feel too simple for our large organization. While I am at NADA I will be going through demos with all three providers again. This should help me to get a refresher and clear up the blurriness I have regarding the past demos. Thanks again for the help. Mike Fitzgerald IT Director mikefitzgerald@waldorfford.net
Steve Devereaux
Did you end up making a decision? We are in the process of switching from ADP to dealertrack right now as well. We have been with ADP for years. Also looking to save over 80%. Dealertrack is also one system, so there is never any confusion, as ADP as several versions. Always had intregration problems with Websweep 1000.
Steve Devereaux
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