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Nicholas Cone
Does Anyone have any advice on Implenting CRM, Websites, Desking, Inventory tools from Vin Solutions? I have 17 Stores and need a roll out time frame to ensure this works smooth...thanks in advance. Nick
Russ Chandler
Intensively test everything thoroughly before declaring anything live or letting anyone else use it. Don't just leave the training up to Vin Solutions. I'm sure they will do a good job but its going to take on going training until everyone knows what they are doing. If possible get trained yourself first. Don't be afraid to be picky and tweak every little thing. Once they cut the umbilical cord and there start-up team is no longer involved it will be harder and slower to get things accomplished. Like anything else the more time you spend up front training and setting everything up the smoother things will go once its launched. When someone doesn't know what they are doing they will claim the software or system isn't working correctly. That means its crucial to make sure every dynamic is completely working as it should be before launching. Otherwise your going to be trying to figure out if its the computer or employee. Let us know how it goes Hope this helps and Good luck Russ Chandler 260-435-1824
Eric Miltsch
Hey Nick, Nice to see you posting here. If you haven't done so yet, be sure to visit the Vender Ratings section to see even more options for the specific help you need - plenty of quality people to choose from. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any additional questions or if if you need additional contacts within VIN. Hope you're doing great!
Matthew Moore
Wow what a task... I would reach out to an expert like Joe Web to help... he knows that system better then most and might be able to advise you...
Shawn Morse
Nick If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this; Require the staff at every store to take the appropriate online training classes prior to any in store training that will be done. We will be able to provide with the appropriate syllabus for each login level and employee position at the store. The classes are about 30 minutes each and are led by live trainers via webex. Each class has a pass/fail test at the end and we will provide you with "progress reports" for each store as you move forward. This will allow your teams to familiarize themselves with the new systems. We have found that this goes a long way in making the change over as seamless as possible. If you need anything at all do not hesitate to contact our team here at Vin. Congratulations we are excited to work with you.
Joe Webb
Thanks for the shout-out, Matthew. Nicholas - Everyone above has given great advice. It is a combination of everything listed. Make sure your entire team takes all of the online trainings for their role (preferably twice). Also, get yourself to Kansas City prior to implementation and spend some one-on-one time with the team there. Most specifically, customizing the specific reports you want to see and adjusting your and your sales managers' dashboards. Sales Managers will single-handedly determine how well VinSolutions is utilized so they cannot get enough training. I'd take a team of sales managers, Internet director, and yourself down to KC in one trip, then send down a second team. This is a huge expenditure, but it is the best way to truly have this system utilized to its fullest. Make sure you give them all processes, templates, pictures, user info, DMS data, lead sources before they show up and require everything to be implemented before any on-site training is performed. If you wait to set up user accounts with their proper text alert info, hours and work status when their training team is on-site, you're wasting precious time with them. This is also going to come as a shocker (from someone like myself who often precedes Vin before they get to the store or performs training follow-up after they leave - even though I have no specific, direct link to them other than the fact that they are one of my preferred CRMs to work with), but PAY FOR MORE VIN TRAINING. I understand the cost of their on-site training team can seem exhorbitant and people say "we don't need three days in every store". Trust me... you're right. But it isn't two days you need. It's four days in each store. This is one of the most comprehensive systems you can put in any dealership and it deserves a lot of attention beforehand, otherwise it will cause endless headaches. Pay for extra days of training. It sounds foolish, but it's worth its weight in gold. Then, keep yourself and your Internet team up to snuff by sending them to regional Vin trainings that they put on. Learning never stops and it is too large of a system to think you know what to do with it. If I ran a dealership, I'd like employ an individual whose sole responsibility would be keeping Vin functioning at a high level with your team as well as searching for equity and process opportunities with all the data its system collects. Hope this helps. Good luck. Joe

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