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Mel Hurd

I am new to doing We Owes. I have been asked by the general manager to start taking on the responsibility... I will begin training soon.. How many We Owes does a dealership typically do per month? 

Patrick Halleen

I dont think there is really any specific number for the amount of we owes a dealership does in a month.. however if the we owe is for an accessory and there is time to get the accessory installed while the customer is sigining up it may be wise to put it against the cost of the car, to save the parts/service department the extra headache of looking up the we owe if the customer looses their copy. hope that helps. 

Aaron Berg

I would recommend having every customer sign a we owe in the finance office. If nothing is owed, write nothing owed nothing promised. This way no customer can claim that the manager or sales consultant promised something that they didnt. It also clears up many issues ahead of time. We use google docs to track the we owe between finance, service, and parts.

Jared Hamilton

I agree with Aarons policy.  Its clean and protects the store that way.

Ron Henson

I echo what Aaron & Jared said.  The number of "We Owes" should be equal to the number of deliveries.  Every customer signs a "We Owe' and then there isn't ever a discrepancy.

Best case scenario, the "We Owe" will include everything product the customer bought in F&I!

Dealer Guy

WE OWES are designed to avoid verbal arguments. Every deal should have one in it. Without a we owe, the customer can ALWAYS come back and say you owed them something. In writing you have recourse, and without it, the proof is on you that the customer wasn't owed anything, but if you don't have anything in writing - you have nothing! 

They take 1 minute to fill out. The WE OWE should ONLY have what was not included at the time of sale.

We Owes Should NOT contain F&I products, because they are not OWED. Are they Ron?

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