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Russ Chandler
My name is Russ Chandler and I'm the Digital Manager/BDC Manager at Bart's Car Store. We are a 5 location Independent used car dealer of the mid-west. We have been in business since 1995 and have taken a major jump forward online in the past 6 months. With all the recent development online as well as my position in the company I would love some real feedback from someone that isn't trying to sell me something. Please check out our website and post any feedback you can, negative or positive. Thank you, -- Russ Chandler
Eric Miltsch
Russ, I like the site - mostly because you're trying something different than the cookie-cutter template style; it's bright, navigation makes it easy to get to the inventory and you've got a lot of trust building factor & personality as well. Your URL structure for the inventory pages, and lower-level pages looks decent, however the individual page descriptions could benefit from have their own unique meta-descriptions. I also like how you have a warranty tab, just need some content - consider hiding that page until you publish something there. The inventory results pages and individual detail pages are also well done with most of the elements customers are looking for - nice touch adding the customer testimonials. Nice job on the social integration and the Google Places pages too - verified & optimized. One last question for ya, where's your blog? Keep up the good work.
Russ Chandler
Eric, Thank you so much for the input! You hit the nail on the head, we were really pushing for a different look from what most dealer sites look like. NO COOKIE CUTTER! I agree on the meta tagging for the individual page, I've been working on a strategy, but I'm researching everything before I start to just drop stuff in. For the warranty tab all the drop down options that can be clicked are full of content but your right in clicking the actual tab itself it is empty at the moment. I will retract the option to click the tab itself until I have solid content. I'm hoping for something interactive. As for your question on the blog>>> Check it out, however it is only a couple weeks old and needs some tweaking still. The site is only about 60 days old and it was a rushed launch. The analytics look great so far, we are seeing increases in nearly every category across the board. Any suggestions for good blog content? Anything you see we are missing that might be worth pursuing? Thanks again for your input, -- Russ Chandler
Dennis Galbraith
Russ, this is a fantastic example of a group site that promotes both the stores and the collective inventory. The body style search shows results in alphabetical order by make, but the benefit of this type of search is allowing the shopper to see all your relevant inventory across brands. Consider using price for the default sort on the search results page. Great job! With a good site, any improvements in the vehicle merchandising will pay off better than before. The same can be said for demonstrations of your staff and the proverbial "why buy from us." On top of Eric's comments, add chat!
Jay Lynch
Full disclosure: I do work for eCarList but have no responsibility for your area... (Florida) I wanted to place some emphasis on what Dennis suggested. If you are going to spend the money to make your site a destination you need to be able to capture those leads. Generally, due to a customers time tollerance with chat, I recommend managed chat. Having said that any chat is better than no chat at all and there are a number of different products available in the market place. Well done!
Russ Chandler
Thank you both Dennis and Jay When you say sort by price do you suggest lowest to highest? We ran that as the default on our old site but I didn't like how you saw nothing but our very cheap back row trade-ins on the first page. Felt like it didn't represent the majority of our inventory. As far as chat goes I'm in the process of getting it set up. The issue I ran into is I need the customer to have the option of choosing which store to chat with, otherwise a chat comes into our Fort Wayne store that wants to shop in Avon. I'm guessing my salesman won't do quite as good of a job trying to sell a car for another store. Jay you may have a suggestion, ecarlist gave me the option to provide a total of 4 options to the customer but we have 5 stores. My quick fix for now was to group two of the stores together. Example- Choose to chat with: Fort Wayne Columbia City Avon Kokomo/Anderson Kokomo and Anderson are our smallest stores and are located close to each other so I thought they would be effected the least from being grouped together. We are new to BDC but have been on the ecarlist CRM software for a little over a month in our FW store and plan on introducing slowly to the other stores. They seem to do the best with chat that we have running through and Autotrader being that our BDC is always available and trained well. The other stores are improving, some better then others, but have a long way to go. Last month we had over 200 chats accepted through and Autotrader company wide. I hope to double that when we go live with the website chat. Check out our Google analytics so far this month- 8,970 Visits 6,169 Unique Visitors 88,014 Pageviews 9.81 Pages/Visit 00:09:23 Avg. Time on Site 12.60% Bounce Rate 53.66% % New Visits 65.51%Search Traffic 5,914 Visits 12.70%Referral Traffic 1,146 Visits 20.48%Direct Traffic 1,849 Visits 1.31%Campaigns 118 Visits 23.85% MOBILE

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