What do service departments need in a crm?

David Johnson
My friend, a software developer with no dealership experience, contacted me after a painful experience with a service department. He felt certain that the majority of his inconvenience stemmed from inefficiency that CRMs are usually designed to reduce. He posed the topic question to me. Rather than push my own thoughts on him, I suggested asking the industry itself.
Michael Lee
A service department needs a loyalty program, one that is worth someting to the customer. Dealers spend thousands of dollars each month to drive new customers into the showroom. Once they sell them they give them no incentive to return. Unfortunately, this industry does not believe in rewarding their customes for their patronage. Funny thing is every other industry does. I guess that explains why only 3 out of 10 new/used vehicle sales return to that dealership for service. However, most dealers are sales people. Therefore they manage their business off of Sales only, Gross Pofit, and not customer retention. They just don't understand in todays economy, consumers are looking for rewards and are willing to return if the progam is right.
Bryan Armstrong
The problem is that most Service Depts. I've seen don't actually USE their CRM. hey write and close ind the DMS. Since most customer files in the DMS are not condusive to easy "snapshot" reading (most if any relevant personal info is in the Notes field) Customers are forced to explain themselves over and over and much previously recommended work is left undone. In other words, what they need most is BUY-IN. Socket, Vinsolutions and Dominion all have great Service modules (to name the ones I'm most familiar with, others may exist as well). If there is a Dealer on one of those and they're not capatalizing the relationships and additional gross it can yield, they have no one to blame but themselves.
Tami Paulus
CRM automotive software is a great tool for automotive business to boost up and allows them to get out of the shell. The software can help in building relationship with customer, increasing sales, training staff and a lot more. This software should be implemented by all business owners especially automotive industries where tracking is so tough. http://www.marksoldtowne.com/
Alicia Harris
What I find most service departments need in a CRM are the following things: 1. Ability to handle service leads as fluidly and efficiently as sales leads 2. Ability to prompt service follow-up calls & email surveys for CSI purposes 3. Ability to prompt service reminder & declined service calls & emails 4. Specific workflows that fit service and parts processes, not just sales 5. Above all, service departments need the help of the point person for the sales department CRM. This point person knows how CRM workflows work and the processes that need to be implemented to ensure results. Service departments are rapidly catching on but a team effort would save a lot of extra work and headache.
Michael Baker
In my 30 years in the auto business working within all departments from porter to CEO, it awes me of the ignorance most dealers and GMs have of the potential in store profitability via retention processes of new and used sold vehicle clients. The CRM is a great technical tool to facilitate accomplishing this, but the human element of bridging the departments is essential. When someone says they easily obtain 30% retention of customer pay work, they are dreaming, unless there is an established metrical process to validate it. New CP retention in most stores is about 13% and u/c is less. With focus processes and measure, I have diligently accomplished new at 49% and used at 32% CP in fixed ops. Want free consultation-call.

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