What the heck is wrong with American Honda Finance?

So yesterday I closed a deal on a 2018 Honda Odyssey. I had all the paperwork into F&I within 10 minutes after closing the deal, and my F&I manager had the deal submitted within 20 minutes post close. IT TOOK MY F&I MANAGER ONE FULL HOUR to get a rep from Honda Finance on the phone to get the approval we needed and this IS A REGULAR PROBLEM! 

Doesn't Honda finance realize the problems this causes at the dealership level?


Ugh... how frustrating. Now and then I'll run into something like that, but it isn't a regular occurrence likes yours is. And it doesn't sound like your F&I Manager has a direct contact either. At the very least they should let your assigned dealer rep know about the issue. Hopefully they shake someone's tree for you guys.

So I literally sat in his office the other day as he went down his list of direct contacts.. each one went to a voice mail. They have brought the issue up over and over and the attitude is basically.. "figure it out!" GRRRR!

Tori Zinger

So frustrating, Scott. That's not a great way to build relationships with dealers, that's for darn sure.

@Tori, no it's not and the worst part is the time customers have to wait for Honda to get back to us. That's the most frustrating part!

Tori Zinger

Absolutely. Are y'all a Honda dealership?

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