What type of reporting is essential to Group Dealerships?

Jeff VanOrnam
2. Dealership Financial Protection. One web based application providing a Compliance Tracking Dashboard covering ALL rooftops and allowing monitoring by high level compliance personnel of 1 - 100+ locations from one place in real time. Reports available via PDF, email, and paper. Credit Bureau Connection currently provides this ability to large dealer groups such as DCH, Prime Auto Group and as well as many others.
Tony Giorgione
I have always looked at inventory as the center of a dealership. And being able to track an appraisal to a sale has been the one thing that brings the most lift. In a perfect world I would like to see an appraisal and follow it into inventory. Then I want to see my VDP views from my website and an audit trail of pricing changes so I can see that the managers are doing the job we pay the for and marketing my car. And lets face it most web tools now a days its a race to the bottom.. Lowest price right? I remember the old days where an A vehicle brought all the money and a d car was the advertiser.
Wendi Venable
Would it be of value to a dealership for a manager to be able to see the number of visitors to their lot, what vehicles they looked at, as well as dates and times? Biggest question would it be of value to have a way to not only get those analytics but to also capture who these on and off hour visitors were if a sales person had not spoken to them and captured their info?

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