Where does one go to get into financing for my mini indep. dealer?

Jay  Sims

OK guys sorry for the dumb question. But gotta start somewhere with finance!


a little back story


for many years sold cars i purchased with a connections with local towyards in southern california. Always planned to get into the game 100% and get licensed etc.. Due to the California Economy going to such crap i eventually moved to Arizona.

Went ahead and got my Used Car Dealers License and of course started to buy and sell. 

I have always dealt with cash customers as the vehicles i sold rarely were more than $7500 sell price. But now being a licensed dealer id like to go into the higher sell prices. But obviously that gets tough with cash only and need to find some financing. 


My only problem is i dont have a clue whatsoever where to start to get into financing. Meaning i dont know where to go to start relationships or how. I do see the lender companies out there and im still a little confused. I am in no way a dummy when it comes to business as i have been in retail prior as an owner. 


Can anyone give me some pointers on how i can either establish something to i can just start to finance SOME deals As to start making a relationship as well as learning on how to do it all properly. 


Some one suggested BHPH, but im not interested to do that.......yet

Im in no means a large operation or even a mid size. I have a lot and office and i buy and sell cars about 10 a month at the moment. Obviously i could do more if i could get financing for my clients. My MAIN method of sales is word of mouth and internet. Walk up customers are really not my strong suit. Not much around. But alot comes in from ONLINE.


Thanks for the help 

mark rask

Start by calling lendors....they will happpily get you set up

Chris K Leslie

I think cox automotive might offer some finance options for independant lots. 

Erica Sanchez

Hello Jay, I also have a small independent car dealership and recently partnered with Westlake financial Services. Just go on their website and request someone to contact you or just give them a call and let them know that you are an independent car dealer and would like to partner with them to provide auto financing services to your costumer. We are also in the process of signing up with Credit Acceptance.

you can check these out as well if you'd like: United Auto Credit, American Credit Acceptance, Veros Credit, MarkOne. Those are subprim lenders (for No credit or bad credit customers) Here are some that you might want to reach out to for Prime customers with good credit: Chase Prime,  Wells Fargo Dealer Services, Gateway One Lending and Finance, Capital One Finance.

Hope this helps you out as I was also completely loss in finding Financing companies for our Car dealership. So I walked into another car dealership and asked them who they used and they gave me some names and that's how I got started. Good luck with everyting!  

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