Accelerating down the Tech cul-de-sac

Joe Henry

Recent articles in trade magazines say factories are justifiably focused on the crescendo of long overdue Tech recruitment and training programs. There is not, as of yet, a feverish discussion TO SAVE the precious Techs we have, NOR how to keep apprentice Techs from “washing out” either in training or on their new job.

I contend that this should be widely understood as the root cause of the jittery Tech shortage, and these are ultimately far more important! A continued decline in the Technician pools holds the potential to ignite panic. 

This development would strike at the very heart of the economic foundation and threatens to push the factories and its’ dealerships economies into a recession that not even the Fed could bail out!

These articles did provide a fresh twist on our decades-old "Tech shortage policy". But despite the facts stated in these articles, they were not accompanied by any REAL solution that would actually do anything to stop the skid of good Techs getting recruited out of our industry, OR how to keep newly anointed Techs from throwing their safety glasses across the shop when discovering that they got paid 30 hours (flat rate) after spending 40+ hours at the dealership week after week.

Believe me, I hear this from seasoned journeyman AND beginner Techs constantly who have vaporized from our industry.

Continuing to pay Techs on the antiquated Flat-Rate system is like flooring a high-performance car heading down a cul-de-sac! 

Factories: give your dealers approval to move warranty and door rate up 20% to support more gross! Dealers: Take your A & B Techs, give them a guaranteed weekly PLUS production bonus so they make the same as engineers ($75k to $150k a year) without smoking every ticket they can get their latex gloves on. C Techs- $50k with production bonuses. D and Apprentice - guarantee $35k to $40k with career paths to perpetually make more. 

Better help with tool costs too while we are at it!      

If we all lack the courage to administer such medicine, we will all get car-sick from the acceleration and crash heading down the cull-da-sac.

Mark Rask

This is such a challenge 

A big problem in the near future, lots of people retiring and not so many people in line to take over...

Amanda Gordon

Great Info Joe! Thanks for the insight

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