Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!!!

Denim Simkins
Did you know that this group coming to do business at your store are reported to accessorize their vehicle at a 42% higher rate and will spend 61% more than the average new car buyer? Also of note that the average spend on accessories for a person that purchases a new truck is close to $1500.00 Most of this news seems like an opportunity, Right? Here's the real deal. The customer is going to spend this money, its proven. The question is how much of it would you like to have them spend in your store....
Dustin Lyons
Accessories are a huge way to add additional profit to the sale. I have seen some very good ways of incorporating this into the sales process, as well as some very good ways of advertising that your dealership does accessories which is a way to get new customers to buy as well as sell accessories to people who already have vehicles. Especially in the truck market!
mark rask
This works well in our chevy store......we soft install things to sell them
Megan Barto
Have you thought about showing them an accessory catalog or brochure while they're waiting for F & I?
Dustin Lyons
One of my clients and the dealership where I used to be in sales and a team leader had one of the absolute strongest accessory departments in the region as well as in the dealers 20 group. It was really a pretty simple process. Every customer sits down with a "customer relations manager"/accessory manager in their office prior to going into F&I. They went over the factory warranty and any other questions the customer might have and then they went over all the accessory options including Perma Plate. Most customer mae some kind of after market purchase. It also helped that the sales person got paid a percentage of the gross from accessories as well because it incentivized them to plant seeds along the sales process and give a great set up with the customer before they went into accessories.
Megan Barto
Dustin - that's a great idea. Would you put any accessories on your vehicles ahead of time? One store I work at put wheel locks, splash guards, all-season floor mats & a cargo tray on every single new car. The sales professional still got paid a percentage on these too in addition to anything they up sold.

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