Advice for training Service BDC?

Eden Wood
Hi there. We have recently started a follow-up process with our service customers to find out about their experience. We are also rescheduling missed appointments and setting first ones. Do you know of a good training program for Service BDC?? Thanks!
Sami Aqqad
Driving Sales University, we got there training second month now we love it
Shaun Weissman
We use UDC and they are tremendous.. I absolutely love their scripts, coaching and processes. They do monthly review and mystery shops and has definitely helped us improve.
Shawn Ryder
Great to hear that you are focusing on Service Appointments!! How about declined services? Are you looking at ways to engage customers who may have turned down services and send them information based on the benefits of doing the work?
Grant Gooley
DSU has some fantastic training. Very up to date and practical. Check them out!
Mark Miller
I like the question asked by Shawn. Make sure declined services are included in their follow ups. I can't count the time's, as a fixed ops director, that no one ever brought up declined services on future visits and then sold them as "new" issues. We just looked silly in those cases.

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