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Steve Tuschen
How many people are pushing the "We work on all makes and models". I have always been a big believer in it as I want to capture every vehicle I can and I don't want a customer to have the same or better experience somewhere else. Besides little sound bites on RO's and talking with customer's about it has anyone had good success in capturing an entire family's vehicle and has anything worked? I have thought of sending out a mailer to our customer's that offers a percentage off if they bring in another make of vehicle, then validate that coupon for a bigger percentage off of the next visit of the vehicle we currently service. Any other ideas?
Kristy Elliott
Hi Steve - We push that with all customers because we sell a lot of non-Chevy pre-owned. We also promote on our website as well as our GooglePlus, Yelp, Facebook and pages. Good luck to you!
Steve Tuschen
Never thought of GooglePlus, will had to add that to our description. Thank you
Denim Simkins
@steve one thing that we did that had a good response was attaching a card explaining this to every invoice and also the advisors would hand out card to their existing customers offering a multi vehicle household special. Your existing customer already knows and trusts you so its really low hanging fruit. Good luck
Adam Shiflett
This is a question I always ask myself in my marketing messaging: do I go general like "all makes all models" or do I go targeted like "Ford repair experts". The general approach has more potential to reach more market, but the targeted approach gets more attention. I see it as the difference between someone using "sir" or saying "Adam Shiflett" to get my attention. I listen right away to my name. The best approach is to personalize the message when and where you can. So if in your database you know what make they have reference it "We are experts on Brand X"in emails and other targeted messaging. For general messaging though it may be better to go with your dealers brand. It will limit the potential market, but it will get better attention.
Steve Tuschen
Adam, very good insight and something to definitely take into consideration

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