Are you asking for Google Reviews and if so, how?

Eden Wood
We'd like to increase our number of Google Reviews. It seems there are are many dealers in our area with multiple Google reviews, though we've found it difficult to add to ours. We'd like our reviews to be genuine. Any suggestions?
Grant Gooley
Hi Eden, great question. The easiest way to put this is that Google Reviews is about creating a culture in your dealership that wants to improve the reputation. Change the surroundings and the behaviour will change. That being said, create tent cards for each of the Sales Associates desks that promotes your review page. Hand out a one pager that helps customers learn how to make a review. THIS IS THE BEST RESOURCE: Hope this helps :) Let me know, Grant
Eden Wood
Thanks so much for your feedback, Grant!
Megan Barto
Grant - that's awesome! Thank you!
Carl Maeda
Grant has some great suggestions. This is also one of the most asked questions I get when I visit dealerships and here is what I found: It is difficult to increase your reputation unless you change the culture (as Grant said above) Sell how important your dealer's reputation is to them. Remember, its' not just your dealer's reputation, its' also the reputation of your individual sales person and you have to actively sell your employees on this. Tie in reputation management to your sales process. Before the customer leaves your lot, someone should ask them how their experience was. If it was good, hand them a card and ask for the review. If it was bad, try to make corrections. You can do this via email too but make sure you do it before the customer leaves your lot. You can have bonuses and compensation tied to good reviews but this will require some management. For example, if you email customers asking them how their experience was, sales and service personnel may have "typos" in customer email addresses if they choose higher commissions over customer care so you may want to track the number of bounced email addresses per sales person.
Megan Barto
I agree completely with tying in reputation management to your sales process. But please please PLEASE don't tie bonuses & compensation to good reviews. Make it a part of your culture. If you tie it to your bonuses & compensation, it will be expected. It's also a bad practice to get into. It's better to not force the reviews, if you don't force them, they're more likely to tell a story!

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