Are your customers setting their own appointment online?

Denim Simkins
Are your customers able to set their own appointment via your website? If so who is seeing higher than 15% of your total appointments being booked this way?
Taylan Yu
We have multiple forms on our site to book an online appointment and we only see about 2 booked appointments a month.
Denim Simkins
This seems to be a pretty common theme. I've heard of Dealers achieving 10-15% of online appointments but that seems to be the max. Im certain that customers view this as a convenience and the Dealers can reduce the amount of inbound phone calls but Im not sure why this has failed to "take off". I for one as a customer would rather sit at my desk and book my own appointment versus calling the dealer. This process needs to be very simple and customers want confirmation that the appointment is set.
Steve Tuschen
We use X-Time to book appointments and it integrates really well. I know I don't utilize it to the best of it's ability and we see 10 - 15 appointments a month. I know of a dealership that really hit it out of the park and attract over 75% of their appointments online. They do this as they have total buy in. First they have a pamphlet with instructions on how to make an appointment online, this is given to every new customer when buying a vehicle as well as the salesman walking them through setting the first appointment. Second, they give it to every customer who comes in for the first time and anyone who doesn't schedule their appointment online. The pamphlet was just a simple accordion style instruction manual like you get with putting almost anything you get these days. It had the benefits on the front. and then a screen shot of each step to choose the appointment as well they would put menu items for dollar off which you could only utilize if the appointment was done online, this was used at first continuously, now they just do current specials(it has been awhile since I have talked to them). It can be done, but just like anything their has to be training involved and your process has to be easy and the customer has to see benefit for them, not you.
Steve Tuschen
@Chris I always said that as well but it was a competing dealer who had the 75% appointment online, where I sat with 2 or 3. It all comes down to the process you have in place and the buy in as a whole from the dealership. I wish I would have saved the pamphlet they used and it is something I am working on bringing to my dealership as well, with the technology I think the instructions need to be based off of scheduling off of your phone, if it can be done in 2 or 3 steps customer's will do that instead of calling.
Megan Barto
For Service? Yes - I think customers are more conditioned to believe in the "Appointment Process" than in Sales. So yes - they will book their own appointments if you have that option on your website because it's one less step they have to take to get their car in!

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