Attention Service Managers and Service Directors

Denim Simkins
What is the best way to hold an effective service advisors meeting... How often to you hold them? How long so they last? What content is typically covered? Thank you for your feedback
Roger Conant
Great questions, Denim. I'm not a service manager or director, but I am in the midst of developing some updated training for the front line here. My approach...I'm using an off-the-shelf, inexpensive ON-DEMAND software product to get the ball rolling. It also includes some pretty creative "quiz" features. Then we'll see what kind of feedback we get in order to prep for a meeting for the entire staff. But that's almost impossible in a service center.
Steve Tuschen
I don't hold a set advisor meeting, we have staggered starts so when they are all there we are into the day. We talk throughout the day when it is quiet usually around the 10 and then again around 2. If something comes up where we tied up a tech we weren't expecting we talk about it right then so we can shift. I have a google doc where everyone can see there sales numbers from yesterday, where we are pacing, as well as CSI standings and yesterdays survey's. I also put what the focus would be or anything they need to know and we use that as a sounding board. If someone is struggling we talk one on one and utilize this report as the basis, if there is a change they will come to me before I get to them so we can talk about why whatever may have happened, be it CSI, hours per RO, etc.
mark rask
Our guys talk throughout the day and have a set meeting on Friday mornings before the drive opens
Arthur Ager
I hold a Service Advisor training meeting once a week. I gave them the choice between meeting at 6.00 am or at 5:30 pm which they chose the evening one. It is an ongoing never end meeting where we discuss selling tactics, new processes, the tech #s, the RO #'s, CSI, where to hire new techs, what equipment we need. I am the GM of the store and I require the service manager and shop foreman to be there. It has help build the team and keep everybody on the same page. When they know that the message is consistent and isn't going anywhere it becomes a culture much quicker. Its part of how I turned our small little shop from doing 150 RO's 2 1/2 years ago to 700-800 on average a month now

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