BDC dept for Service.

Matt Lowery
Yes we did this back in June, and each month since then has been record setting in both Gross and CSI. We wouldn't think about going back to the way it was. One suggestion, get a security camera and tv. Put the camera in your service department and the TV with your people taking the calls. That way they can see how busy the Writers are. We have a policy that no call goes to the back for a writer if he is infront of a customer or on the phone already. Seeing them and what they are doing helps a lot. It has really made a big impact on our bottom line.
Bill Stovall
That is a great idea.
Tom Vann
Smart idea, Bill! We installed this same concept in newly purchased dealership and their team has increased GP from $60K (service and parts) to $155K in less than 9 months. In fairness to your question, we DID use the receptionist for those calls and then later re-added a floor receptionist to pick up 3rd ring calls AND aid the Sales BDC. You may want to consider Reputation Info Collection Software so that when you get stung with any less-than-stellar on-line comments (via Yelp, Dealerrater, Yahoo Reviews, reviews, etc...), your people can respond immediately to their concerns.
Bill Stovall
We are going to keep our sales floor receptionist but good idea of having any calls over 3 rings bounce to them for overflow. Whole idea is to answer the phones quickly. Thanks for your help.
Mark Franklin
Consistent, Relevant & Prompt "Respond Better. Sell More" There are several benefits for your dealership to use Overnight BDC to address your service request. As with all leads handled by Overnight BDC, your customers can be responded to quickly, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We respond to over 100,000 customers a month and our average response time is less than 10 minutes. Mark Franklin 704-275-1402 BetterCarPeople
Mike Elliott
Bill, your idea sounds great. Now that you are a few months into it, how has it been working for you?

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