BDC Service Process

David Karasick
We just added a BDR for our service department and we have had good success in appointing defecting customers and we are setting quite a few appointments for the Service Department. That being said- our BDR does not have ANY SERVICE experience and does not know if she is setting an appointment for a 2hr job or not- and while she can see appointment openings- she doesn't know if the jobs she is scheduling around are small jobs or larger ones- to know if the shop can take the load! How do you handle this in your BDC!
Ron Henson
Training, training, training! Maybe she could have a labor time guide available to her so when she sees a scheduled job she can look it up to see an estimate of the time it will take to complete.
Tony Wood
We had a similar situation in the beginning. The rep will learn what is what with time. You start off with a LOT of phone calls to the advisors with questions, but after a couple months (Yes, it does take some time!) they start learning the ropes, just like an advisor does when they first hit the counter. One of the things we did was pull the rep out of the BDC for a couple hours a day and actually put them at a counter in the service dept. so they were right across from the Advisors and that way they could immediately see who is available to answer their questions or an Advisor could take initiative to provide answers if they heard a certain way a convo was going. Make sure your advisors know that there will be a lot of questions in the beginning. The process will make their job substantially easier in the long run, but it does come with a learning curve for the rep. They need to be patient and understanding during this time and they need to remember that even though they're learning the same way the advisor did, they're doing so through a phone call and not hands on interaction, so it will take a little longer. However, we had no guidance on setting up our BDC. I did so doing internet research and just trying to figure out the best methods as I went. So, others may have more solid recommendations.
Joe Tareen
Every 'BDR' must shadow an advisor for a month. That is the best training and.the best investment you could make in your BDC.
Roger Conant
I agree with Ron...ON-GOING training. There is normally so many "turnover" challenges with this model that management gets caught up with focusing on "initial training" and lets the on-going go.
mark rask
All of the comments above are correct. We initialy had lots of calls to the advisors.....we also have each bdr work in service for a week when they start. Then they have to spend a day in service every other week ongoing

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