bdc service reps

Mark Rask

How many outbound calls do you make your bdc reps do per day?

I would imagine A LOT... you can make a lot of calls in 8-9 hours! 

Joe Tareen

For us the more important question is: How many customers do we get a hold of? Not very many with an outbound call. Are you guys seeing the same trend? Could your resources be better served elsewhere?

Brian Nieves

Not everyone picks up the phone. We are still much better results with text. The agents will call first, email second and text third, and we are seeing better engagement thru text. Even the customer that opt in to text won't pick up a phone call. Is it me or is everyone else seeing less engagement thru outbound calls 

Chris K Leslie

Text, is a given and should be an addition to the phone calls just like emails. But you really should have a minimum standard. Our number is 100

Joe Tareen

I think sending voice shots campaigns with DIDs that get dialed back into your Service BDC as an inbound call works better. Same with text and email. Dialing for dollars is old story. I never pick up calls anymore unless it's a close family or friend. You want to get in touch with me? Leave me a vm or text me, I will think about replying!




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