BDC sugesstion

Matteo Batelli

I am looking for BDC staff and dont know what path should we follow. We are a independent dealer and looking to hire a BDC people but what do you recommend ? Outsource or In-house ? Any recommendations for outsource BDC people ? Any pay plan examples ?

Appreciated !

Mark Rask

I would try to get previous csr reps....I would be happy to share some bdc pay plans......message me @

Elizabeth Powers

I would recommend doing it in house.  We have tried outsourcing before and the cost just isn't worth it.  I have many different pay plans that I could suggest but just make sure that the pay plan matches the objectives.  Also accountability is key for this department.  Email me privately if you want to discuss more.

Heather H.

Matteo, I would suggest an in-house BDC using the following pay plan. 

$14 per hour draw against commissions (adjust this as needed for your market area)

$50 per show within 1 hour of appointment time

$100 for every 10 shows (32 shows = $300)

Reduced commission ½ deal to salesperson

Salesperson still receives full mark toward their volume bonus

If you need further advice feel free to contact me directly


I can send you a great list of qualifications and traits you should look for in a BDC Rep, personality tests to help you narrow down the candidates and an example Job Description and ad you can post online. Let me know what email address to send them to and I will have them to you asap. 


Mark Rask

our pay plan ws very similar to heathers with a little more focus on team payouts 

Chris Murray

I would recommend you spend time focusing on the end result you have in mind first. What exactly do you wish this BDC or CDC or CC accomplish? How much additional revenue will they produce, additional appointments, sales, repairs, etc...

Most every BDC's fail because of an identity crisis, no legitimate goals and no direction.

Pay plans, scripts and in-house versus outsource are all premature at this point.

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