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Lauren Moses
What are some of the best specials or deals that your dealership has done to see the most response from customers? Where did you see your best results, facebook, website, 3rd party listings?
Carlo Castillo
Great Topic Lauren. I Update specials biweekly with different themes, art work and pricing. I feel like the page is stale and need to try a different tactic.
Lauren Moses
I agree. I always struggle getting service specials since our Service manager also is the Body shop manager and has a lot on his plate. So I try to think up a few different ones and then from there just see which ones he wants to pick.
Dennis Wagner
Lauren- Are you looking for sales specials, service specials or both?
Lauren Moses
BOTH! Anything that can get people interested and in the dealership.
Dennis Wagner
I have one I use that helps both departments. Advertise a Complimentary Oil Change with every test drive to the first 100 people for a weekend. Post it all over Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter and Google+ and watch them roll in. The cost of the oil change is about $10 so it's the same as buying 3rd party leads except you are advertising it mainly locally. The last one we did had over 300 people show up so that's 300 opportunities and you will get all of their information for future marketing. It's a great way to develop a very effective email marketing list. For only $1000 ($10 oil change x first 100 customers) maximum cost it's worth it's weight in gold. You have sales opportunities and service can usually make an impression and earn repeat business. It's a win-win for all.

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