Best Training for employees dealing with aggressive or frustrated customers

James Klaus
Best training for dealership employees dealing with frustrated or aggressive customers? Mostly for service employees, receptionist, shuttle drivers, etc. Actively looking for a training solution for these areas. We have some issues in Service, mostly scheduling (currently a 14 day wait to get an appt.) Parts issues (we live in Montana and if the parts trucks do not arrive due to snow, roads, etc. no work can be done to your car/truck). Thoughts or recommendations greatly appreciated.
Clint Jones
I may not be understanding the scope of what you are dealing with. I never want employees dealing with aggressive customers. I feel and have always felt that these people should be turned to management or ownership, depending upon the degree of frustration the customer is feeling. I may have a different opinion if I understood exactly the situations that you are facing.
Christian Salazar
I got this one. it's about changing your attitude towards the customer and how you deliver the message. Have all your employees that deal with customers read this book, Leadership and Self Deception. Another good one is, The Anatomy of Peace. They are both by the Arbinger institute. I don't know of any training seminars that would help besides anger management classes, but I wouldn't want employees that need those classes working for me. Which is something that you may have to ask yourself about your current situation. Those books will do them wonders if they read them, try and set it up book club style where they have 30 days to read the book and then everyone chats about it. Should be really effective and good for everyone.
mark rask

Do like disney does"hire for attitude"

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