Best Way to Confirm Appointments

Ricky Wood
Who is sending out videos for confirming sales appointments? When, how often and by who? For service - does anybody send out videos to those customers? I was considering making a "welcome to our dealership" video explaning the service process. Think this is worthwhile endeavor?
Shaun Weissman
We are currently creating a welcome to our dealership video that we would send to all new clients on their first appointment to explain the process for when they pull into the drive.
Dustin Lyons
Dustin Lyons
My company makes videos for dealerships. We focus on 3 key videos of each sales person, an introduction, follow up, and thank you. We then build a separate site that has the embedded you tube videos, profiles of sales people, contact info, social integration etc... Some sales people are great at sending out their videos and page links on their own, but some clients have the BDC or internet manager send out videos for they salespeople. The dealers who have been using our service have seen increases in traffic, and shown appointments, as well as be backs. It is something different that customers appreciate and really makes an impact. It is great if you can do these on your own, but if anyone would like any advice or to chat about what I can do for you, please let me know. I am happy to help. We have a few other cool products that make it easy for prospecting. Below is an example of the profile page.
Megan Barto
I think a video outlining your stellar service department to your sales prospects would be beneficial. People inquire about sales & it's our job to keep them as customers and transfer them to the service department. I think of it as the "transfer of trust" from Sales to F & I. Why can't we also place more emphasis on this "transfer of trust" from Sales to Service? I think a video would be a GREAT way to do that. Maybe have the video go out 60 days after purchase with the sale person AND the service department in the video. Great idea, Ricky! :-)
Dustin Lyons
A service video is a fantastic idea, you could also do a video outlining the certification process for certified cars. Having an intro, follow up, and thank you video from the service advisors to go out to service clients would be a great addition as well. How cool would it be to have a video reminder from service advisor in your email when it is time for your next service. Great way to have retention!

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