Calling customers out

Shawn Vieira
Is it OK to call a customer out when we get blasted in an online review? We recently had two bad reviews both of which we couldn't and wouldn't have done anything differently. One review is from a Mother of the daughter who bought a car from us. Saying we are disreputable etc.... The truth to the story is the daughter lied on the credit app. (we didn't know) the bank bought the loan and we let her drive off the next day the bank called to verify employment (the lie) and we had to call to get the car back. Now we are the bad guys in the review. The second review is a service review. A customer had a transmission replaced at our shop and broke down in a muddy cornfield 300 miles away and wanted us to pay for the tow back to us. It was a GM Cert. trans and could go to ANY GM dealer for repair and we offered to have it towed to one closer. (Tow truck driver said the truck was buried when he talked to the other dealership). I so want to call these people out.
Ian Price
It is your online reputation at stake. Your best bet would be to address the issue - call them out on it.
Shawn Vieira
I want to so very badly, but I don't want to look like the bad guy. Come to find out the guy with the transmission issue had an old Yukon and was towing a trailer through a muddy cornfield.
Shawn Vieira
Any other thoughts?
Jim Bell
Reply online to contact you regarding the issue at hand. Never try to resolve it online, or you will get in a pissing match and will make you look bad. If you know who it is, put something to the effect of contact us with a phone number and then reach out to them.
Suzanne Brief
Post a clear concise online reply, citing dealership policy regarding the issues and try not to address the exact problem with the customer other than inviting them to contact you directly to resolve it. It also helps when you respond to positive reviews as well, thanking the happy customer, in a public forum for taking the time to praise you and wishing them well with the new or used vehicle, repair or purchase. Shows you are watching the reviews and they are all important to your process

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