Michael Salido
Anyone using them? how are they? seems to be pretty good bang for buck as secondary site , listings etc.. thx
Robert Morton
Michael, I work with Potratz Automotive Marketing and a couple of clients get a pretty good return for their use of in both rural and urban markets. Depending on the inventory you have available, such as a large selection of certified and quality pre-owned cars or those rare collector piece cars, you can get an awesome return. I find that most people looking for specific cars consult a site like - all in all it's a good investment if you have the right inventory in stock. Robert Morton
Michael Salido
Thx Robert I have already implimented. Its pretty good bang for the buck! Good luck and nice site as well best. Michael
Ryan Everson


Some of our stores fell for their 3-6 month free gimmick and forgot about it since it's a minimal $99 /mo expense.

To be fair, it's really easy to forget about something that (if we're lucky) only generates 1 lead every couple of months.

I never realized we were signed up either until a bill recently landed on my desk. I submitted a cancellation request for the stores in our group on January 26th which they apparently didn't process because I'm not an authorized contact on the accounts (and the authorized contacts no longer work here or have since retired).

And boy do they make it difficult to cancel. After spending 90 minutes on the phone with them again they didn't even want to allow us to cancel with a letter from our auto group CFO.

So just wanted to post this as a reminder to check to see if your dealership is signed up and blindly paying the $99 /mo bill like we were. If so, check the ROI in your CRM and you'll most likely want to cancel too. +$100 cSFhLrExWTAGCcizx3XLIs3artw7DCdSThwHMrW3.gif

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