Customer hand-out ideas

Brendan Baxter
I am looking to provide sales, service customers with a take away from the dealership that might highlight service or sales specials, updates, etc. I am wondering if anyone is currently doing this in some capacity and if there are any examples or best practices that have proven successful in further engaging current service and sales guests that could be shared or discussed.
Chris Costner
Great question Brendan. Is your company full speed with your Facebook page yet? There is a great option called "Facebook Offers" that you can entice your sales and service clients to join the dealer's page to keep abreast of what you are currently running. I think rather than constantly updating print material weekly or monthly as a "handout", maybe one glossy card explaining the benefits and where to go could work. Just one idea I wanted to share.
Brendan Baxter
Chris, That is a great idea, thanks. We did just "relaunch" our new Facebook page that is being consistently updated in-house. Does Facebook charge to include offers on our page? We have not tried to push and sales/service on Facebook as of yet.
Joan Park
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