Customer journey mapping for SERVICE...

Roger Conant
Can anyone help with some examples from the Internet of "service department" customer journey mapping examples? Lots od examples of "sales"...but as usual, no "service" examples. TY
Denim Simkins
@Roger you bring up a really interesting point.... It seems that on the sales side they have decided a direction their store will handle customers when they come in to buy a vehicle. Basically they have created the "culture" of their sales process. In service it has not been as defined and therefore the "culture" has not been established. Sure most everyone has a process in place that talks about the steps it takes to complete a positive customer experience but I highly doubt anyone has taken the customer journey approach or map that tells the story of the customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. As I mentioned we more than likely have all of these processes in place but we need to take it a step further and this will add more clarity to our staff if we put together a graphic that maps out the customer journey and this will teach the dealership more about their customers. This type of interaction will help the dealership learn the sense of the customer's motivation and what is expected by the customer.
Steve Tuschen
@Roger if you send me your email address, mine is I can send you the VW customer journey
Roger Conant
Thanks for the help, Steve. Just got your info...and I appreciate it!
Steve Tuschen
mark rask
It might be good to not have to change a culture that customers don't like.....(sales culture)

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