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Vic Austin
Infiniti makes it very hard to recieve surveys back because they won't let you encourage or bribe. Does anyone have any Ideas on how to get more and better survey's from sales and service?
Susan Burgess
We have a laminated "Road Map to the Sale" that the customer checks off during the sales process. We also email the customer this: Hi, I’m Susan Burgess on behalf of Chuck Hutton Chevrolet and your Sales Consultant. First I want to thank you for purchasing from Chuck Hutton Chevrolet and congratulate you on your new vehicle! May I ask you a few questions concerning your recent purchase of a [INSERT MAKE] [INSERT MODEL]? 1) How satisfied were you with the assistance you received from your Sales Consultant? a. How satisfied were you with the explanation of the features? b. How satisfied were you with being introduced to the service department? 2) Based on your overall purchase and delivery experience, how satisfied were you with Chuck Hutton Chevrolet? General Motors may send you a Customer Satisfaction survey as a result of your new purchase. It is very important to us that you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED! If you can not complete your survey marked COMPLETELY SATISFIED, please contac
Bart Wilson
Vic, I guess my first question was what does 'encourage' mean? I am assuming Infiniti would want you to explain the importance of the survey.
Vic Austin
General Motors has a unique grading system- COMPLETELY SATISFIED is passing- anything else is failing! This statement is considered coaching or encouraging a customer. Infininti would take our brand fund away if we made a statement like that,
Bart Wilson
I am going to state the obvious here but I would make sure I said "Completely Satisfied" (or whatever the exact phrase reads on the survey) as many times as I could during my sales process. In my meet and greet I would say something like "at ____ Infiniti our whole sales process has been designed to ensure you Complete Satisfaction". I would remind my customer throughout the process that this is my goal. Hopefully it will resonate. I would also do a couple of follow up calls after the sale to ask if they were Completely Satisfied. I think that will help you get better surveys, but I don't know how Infiniti expects you to get more surveys back without asking the guest to fill one out.
Evans Bridges
I have a process that succeeds 98% of the time at producing top 30% CSI scores. It's a process. It's a change of culture. It's not an easy fix or a bribe. It's not a way to get a score, it's a way to EARN a score. We do not bribe and we do not allow cheating. So, if you want to have the best scores in your district, call me. My office number is 704-827-8389.

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