Database company that can also market to the data

Russ Chandler
I need a company to keep my data-base with that also can market/advertise to the database. Emailing and marketing to these customers according to their trending data would be preferred. However any level of interaction between advertising and my database I would be interested in. So far I really like exacttarget for my database but I need something that can automate the process and/or utilize the information online TO advertise. Thank you for the help. Russ Chandler
Bryan Armstrong
Check out VisibleCustomer if your CRM can't do it or your not using one. If you DO have a CRM why are you not getting the bang for your ad $ from them as well? Socket and Vin both have limited user platforms that are cheap and can do it for you. In today's climate I would be very cautious as to who and how I used my Database info. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
Katie Donovan
Bryan: Thanks you for the mention! Russ: I would love a chance to talk to you if you are ok with that. At Visible Customer we start by taking your data and doing a deep cleanse, normalization and de-duplication of your database. From that point we create a few diagnostic reports and review those with you to find the best, targeted opportunities. It is not uncommon for our dealers to have over 20 unique, targeted, in database emails going at any point. Please let me know if you would be open to me reaching out to you. Thank you again and good luck! Katie
Russ Chandler
Just replied to the email I got from you...Thank You for the recommendation Bryan!

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