Dealership Acquisition And Following Their Promises

Maddy Low

I recently heard a story of a dealership that got bought out by a bigger dealer group. The dealership had given lifetime oil changes and car washes to people who had purchased vehicles, but the new dealer group didn't have any policy like that, and decided not to uphold that since they were rebranding the dealership. Customers were NOT happy, but the bigger dealership kept saying it was in their best interest to keep their policies the same across all stores. What do you think?

Mark Rask

Not very good customer service.....bad move 

Kelly Amidon

Yeah that is a bad move. Those customers are grandfathered in. New customers who buy should go under the new policy. Most likely those customers are going to get fed up and go elsewhere. 

I agree with Kelly, the customers that have come to expect the services should get them and the new customers should fall under the new policies... but with things like this there's never a perfect solution. I would think this is going to cost them some customers and hurt the word of mouth aspect. 

Joe Henry

And then dealers wonder why the manufacturers can't wait to go "Tesla" on them. And this example just blackens the whole industry's eye in the consumer's vision of all of us. The average person looks at us like we are thieves.  

Joe Henry

Dealer Guy, you missed my meaning. Going "Tesla" meaning that the factories want to go direct without dealers. 

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