Dealerships Apps

Aimi Gundersen
Are any of you using a dealership app? I have read a lot, but would like to hear first hand opinions. I like the idea, but don't know if customers are going to download and use it. What is your experience?
Janice Petersen
I would like to know as well. I personally would and have tinkered in making one just to see. But haven't gone past the tinkering stage other than to try it on my phone. Thanks for asking the question, hope we get some good opinions.
Lauren Moses
Aimi, If you were a customer would you down load a dealerships app? Honestly? That is one of the first things that I thought about when I looked into it for our dealership. It also depends on what you want the app to do. Are you looking for making service appointments, looking at inventory, scheduling test drives, vehicle specials? I have an idea for one for ours but don't have the details worked out. Still looking into it and If and when I get it created I'll let you know how it works out.
Aimi Gundersen
Lauren--I have been thinking about it as more of a service app, but do see the value in location based marketing. I'm not sure if there would be a huge ROI. I was talking with a guy I work with who would not download a dealership app, but if there were push notifications that reminded me to get an oil change or that there was a specific special, I think would use it. I just don't know any dealership using one. Are you creating your own or having someone do it?
Robert Karbaum
Here is an "outside of the automotive" bubble approach to the question. Would you install an app from the company that repairs your furnace / air conditioning? They have similar maintenance schedules (they do, you just don't do the maintenance), and are equally as important. If I didn't have a furnace right now, my pipes would freeze, my house would flood, and my pets would die from exposure to the cold. I would imagine the opposite would be true in Arizona in the summertime. So, would you? Install an app, from the company that provides furnace / air conditioning maintenance. Maybe it had tips on energy conservation, quick 1-click-to-call, and it would periodically inform you of specials they were having.
Evan Brown
Robert, does that mean you are using one?

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