Declined Repair BDC Script?

Dan Sayer
Anyone want to share a "declined service repair" phone script? Thanks!
Dustin Lyons
This is a bit different than just a phone script, but has been getting great results having the BDC send these out. The person is the actual service writer that the customer worked with. Obviously the "offer" in the email, can be whatever your dealership chooses at the time, and can be customized to each customer and or specific declined service.
Shawn Ryder
Nice work Dustin! Would be curious - do you track the clicks and automatically compare the open rates? Looks great, wondering how many open the email, click the link and in turn fill out the form? Always looking for ways to build service marketing for dealers, this is great.
Megan Barto
That video is a great idea!
Dustin Lyons
Thanks Shawn and Megan! One of many key videos and pages for both sales and service that tend to be very effective. The nice thing is it really helps to build and solidify the relationship between the customer and the salesperson/service writer, which in turn dramatically increase customer retention. Shawn, the numbers are definitely good, not as much on the contact form, but a great increase in open rates and clicks on the links, and even though most people don't use the form, it is generating a lot of calls and additional business which is ultimately the bottom line. Of course this is with all of the different videos, not just the declined service one. Most people are getting the emails on their phone and so they just call in rather than submit the form if that makes sense.
Megan Barto
Have you looked at the YouTube analytics? Are people watching the video the whole way through?

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