Digital for service

Mark Rask

 What are you doing from a digital standpoint for service?

Chris K Leslie

We don't do a ton but then again our stores are busting at the seams with standard service alone. Throw in quicklube and we literally can't handle what we got. 

Mark Rask

thats a good dont want to tank your csi

Chris K Leslie

Makes we wish UCS worked with more things. 

Yeah, when your service department is busting at the seems it definitely opens the door for dropping the ball on CSI. It's a fine line that you have to walk in service, I admire the people who manage and coordinate it all to make it work! 

Brendan Dolan

Branded SEM terms tend to drive Fixed Ops traffic, plus I ran small fixed ops conquest campaigns on my competitors branded terms, and on independent branded terms. If you didn't complete a goal on my site I had a remarketing campaign chase you around with a relevant offer.

On top of that it was email blasts, and most of our social media presence pulled in fixed ops customers.

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