Digital Multi Point inspection forms

Steve Tuschen
In my quicklube I use the paper inspection sheets and in the main shop we use Reynolds digital inspection forms. Anyone using something that will work in both that won't slow the process in the quicklube?
mark rask
We are on automate and do not have that option yet
Denim Simkins
Steve we were able through Reynolds to create a modified report card for the express lane. In order to accomplish this we had to assign a specific user ID for the specific dispatcher in express service. As I remember it took some time to set up and getting to the right person at Reynolds that could get it done. Good Luck
Steve Tuschen
Thanks Denim, When we set up the report card we were able to set the report card exactly the way we wanted and we can add or subtract if we want, but our content is good I am working on the how as having the advisor input it doesn't work so I may need to look at getting notebooks that run Ignite for the techs to input the data. Wondering what others are doing that is successful that I can copy instead of creating new.
Denim Simkins
Ah-ha makes sense now. Yes turn on Ignite (you can do a few select user portals) and use a tablet. at first your guys will hate you but after they get used to it they learn to really like it. I know it wont be as fast as we can rip through blue screen but if used correctly its a much more customer interactive tool

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