Do Your Customers Know They Can Schedule a Service Appointment Online?

Tori Zinger

According to recent research conducted by Xtime and its parent company, Cox Automotive, "setting up the service visit online creates a path toward a happier customer." More than 3/4 of participants who have scheduled an appointment online said that they are likely to use online scheduling again in the future.

However, in order for customers to schedule their service appointments online, they have to know that it's an option. Incredibly, the study showed that nearly half of the customers who said they did not use online scheduling didn't even know that they could!

Do your service customers know that they can schedule an appointment online? How can you make them more aware of this? 

Our system is set up to receive "request" but you can't actually schedule a confirmed appointment online, yet. Are there dealers out there where you can do that all online?

Chris K Leslie

We have the luxury/curse of having onstar. Which means dealer maintance notifications go out automatically. About 98% of our service spots scheduled online are for oil changes. 

Mark Rask

This is so important! this will help take some of the stress on your receptionist as well

Matt Harmic

A great proven practice is to get the customer set up with online scheduling during the vehicle delivery process.  If the Sales Staff is informed, the customer can be also.  Training here is key for the dealership staff.  

Tori Zinger

Yes, yes, and YES, Matt. This was hard to hammer home when I was in sales, but we ended up making it a part of the deal jacket -- in other words, we HAD to turn in the online appointment confirmation for the first appointment in order to get the deal pushed through to finance.

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