Does Fortellis solve the problem in which all players can develop solutions work well with each other?

Ryan Gerardi

According to, CDK is partnering with ride hailing company Lyft to provide a transportation solution for dealership service departments to integrate into their loaner fleet programs. Lyft Business’ Concierge dispatch solution will be integrated into CDK’s dealer management system using the Fortellis platform, allowing service departments to secure rides seamlessly through CDK’s service solution for their customers.

The real story however is what the partnership with Lyft means for CDK’s Fortellis platform, and how new solutions are brought to market in the future. The retail industry has not had a platform from which all players –retail, OEM along with those outside the industry such as Lyft — can develop solutions and APIs that work well with each other.

CDK says Fortellis will solve this problem.

This partner integration is one of the first to bridge auto retail with mobility, and certainly one of the biggest headlines. Lyft is the second large player from outside automotive retail to publish an API on the Fortellis since CDK launched it in March.

Does Fortellis solve the problem in which all players can develop solutions work well with each other? Do we need more than one Fortellis?

Chris K.

It's costly for sure. Nothing CDK integrates, is free or cheap. We've been unable to integrate some good and clever tech with CDK, because they often want more than the cost of the product, just as an integration fee, so CDK seems to stymie progress to a degree. And if we feel it, so do others.

Not long ago, CDK tried selling us a "partial" ZipWhip text tool, but we found by going direct with ZipWhip, we got the FULL version, which was like 10X better and the cost was like 60% less. or something like that.  

Anything that CDK  integrates comes with a heavy price. So that $10 Lyft fare with a $10 integration fee, API access fee $10 - so what, a $10 ride will now cost $30.

A solution that creates a financial burden. That is my assessment.

Chris K Leslie

CDK says let’s integrate while cox is making acquisition power moves with the acquisition of Clutch. 

2019 is going to be interesting 

Chris K Leslie

I don’t know this integration really means anything for anyone not using a CDK DMS or service products. 

Chris K.

ChrisK, so I hear its only CDK. So glad options still exist in auto, otherwise we'd have possible racketeering laws to look into. Just saying... we need much more competition. Hey ORACLE? You have an opportunity in auto DMS!

Amanda Gordon

I saw Uber was doing this awhile ago and I have not kept up with if it has worked for them or not. 

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