Does your fixed ops department do their own marketing?

Aubrey Klosterman

Does your internet/marketing manager run consistent fixed ops advertising or is it left to someone in fixed ops or elsewhere? Is the FO department unable to efficiently advertise themselves due to a lack of resources (time, money, data, training, etc.)?

*Especially looking for answers from dealerships that don't use 3rd party vendors for marketing or those that do only for sales marketing.*

Derrick Woolfson

This is a great question. In my last auto group, our BDC department managed sales marketing. However, the fixed-ops manager did his own thing. This often led to an overlap in marketing, and/or over marketing. It needs to be a cohesive effort; especially when it comes to marketing to previously sold customers. For example, we are sending them "sales blasts" the OEM is sending them marketing, and then you have the Fixed-Ops sending them marketing, which is way, way too much! If anything, I have found - through A/B testing - that emails that combine both sales and fixed-ops do very well. This is not to say that there ought not to be separate fixed-ops campaigns, either. I think we largely forget about the non-OEM (pre-owned) sales customers, who might not otherwise want to purchase a new vehicle. So sending them new vehicle marketing is not perhaps best. Just my thoughts. 

Mark Rask

we are just starting to do this 

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