Ecards for Service

Mary Lynch
Is there a company that does ecards for automotive? We want to be able to send an ecard to a customer after they come in for service. Just something interactive for a customer or if there might be a better option.
Ron Henson
Hi Mary, I look forward to reading the feedback on this question. When I was back in the dealership world we had this programmed in our CRM to automatically generate when an R.O. was closed. Good luck!
Mary Lynch
Hi Ron, Thanks! I am hoping that we will be able to have it send when the RO is closed. That would be the best option. The GM just wants something other than an email and I don't know of any companies that provide something like an Ecard to send to customers.
mark rask
Our cdm does it for us
Dave Cannon
You could use an e-card template and slip the html into an email that is sent out by the CRM. Sometimes manufacturers think they're giving you specific instructions but they don't exactly know what they want ;)
Shawn Ryder
Hi Mary - interested in hearing more about what you are looking to do as well. In terms of the eCard what sort of interaction are you looking to accomplish? We can set up triggers to send something out based on RO (need to learn what DMS) and then have them go to a landing page, where we can have a video or other interactive page. Then track who views and in turn build out communication based on that as well... will connect with you and learn more.

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