eCommerce for your Parts Department

Brandin Wilkinson

Think Amazon but for your Parts Department. This may require using a separate domain altogether than your main one but could be worth it? 

Do you currently use eCommerce for your Parts Department to drive revenue for Parts and Service? Usually it's the Service Department helping Parts but could we structure it so Parts drives Service sales? 

Is this something dealers should check into? I feel like it would be worth the time/money to get going.  


Kevin Kulma

Very forward thinking! Considering marketing budgets primarily focus on sales, would be a smart investment to allocate more money into service, parts and collision.   


Dealer Guy

Aren't we all selling parts with e-stores in 2017?! Our guys have had a parts store for many, many years and it works pretty well. It's standalone and linked to the site and service site. 

Have you guys looked into Google Posts for Service & Parts? There is amazing real estate available on MAPS and on organic search results for your business, and if you do not know about Google Posts - step on it!

You cannot BID on the property POSTS resides on. It would be $100 per click. It's free, thanks, Google. Again!

Chris K Leslie

We sell tons of parts online actually. We don’t really sell on our site so much because most of the stuff we sell from parts is shipped. Companies like revolution parts are doing some pretty amazing things. 

Brandin Wilkinson

Thank you for the insight on Revolution Parts Chris. I hadn't Head of them until you mentioned their name. I'll be digging into their company further, appreciate it!

Kristopher Nielsen

Brandin - TradeMotion also does a great job at eCommerce parts sites. Also consider buying/hosting on a regional domain to get broader organic reach for those searching in your area.

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